'Flightline' wins 2015 FWD District!

Congratulations to our NEW Far Western District Quartet Champions 'Flightline'
(Left to right)
Bari: Cody Littlefield
Bass: Kyle Williamson
Lead: Daniel Huitt
Tenor: Oscar Sotelo

They won the championship in Mesa CA. on October 17th 2015.

We welcome all four guys as new members into the AFWDC family.

Way to go guys!

Associate Member Voted in
- - - -

The members in attendance at a meeting just before this years Scorpionaires performance
voted an associate member into the ranks of the AFWDC.

The bylaws allow for associate membership but I don't believe it has ever been done before.

So in addition to the four members of this years championship quartet we also welcome Steve Pence into
our ranks with all the rights and privileges as long as he is a member of the quartet American Pastime.

2014 Scorpionaires

This chorus made up of AFWDC members, sings during the tabulation of scores at the end of the
FWD chorus contest. These grown men go back stage and rehearse for 10 minutes, and then come
out and present the two weirdest and craziest songs of the contest.